Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beauty Essentials.

Well, I'm bored and that's usually what happens when I make a post. lol So, here it goes. Here are some of my beauty essentials that I could not live without!!!

1. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Face Wash
2. Clearasil Overnight Face Wash
3. Neautrogena Moisturizer for combination skin
4. Burt's Bees Chapstick
5. Straight Solution (Protects hair from all damage due to heat styling appliances. Plus, it makes my hair silky soft and smooth.)
6. Aussie Three Minute Miracle Conditioning Treatment ( I can live without this, I just REALLY like it. ha ha)
7. Loreal mineral foundation powder
8. blow dryer (I have a lot of long, very thick hair. Air drying is a luxury I can't afford sometimes. ha ha )
9. French Braids (These NEVER go out of style. They give you a cute hairstyle after getting out of the shower and provide a new hair-do the next day when you take them out and have lovely waves!)

Okay, I'm done. Love you all...whichever nutcases are actually reading this random depressing blog.