Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi, all. Yes, I am well aware that I suck-eth at keeping a blog, and I deeply apologize for those of you who are deeply absorbed in my random life. ;) Just kidding.

Do you know what a wonderful feeling is? When you realize that you are happy. That you are content with your life and there's not much you would change at the present moment in time. That's where I am right now. I have my bad days; everyone does. But what matters is how I deal with them. What matters is that I get back up and keep going after I've fallen down for the umpteenth time. I know that Heavenly Father has great things in store for me and I am SO excited. It's an exciting thing to realize and to actually KNOW that you've gotten to the place that Heavenly Father needed you to be at before He gave you your next big blessing. LIFE IS AWESOME!

Onto other things, I'm starting a project for my Interpersonal Theory and Communications class. I'm going to endeavor to improve my self-esteem and/or my self concept in order to communicate better with others. At the beginning of each week, I will post how I feel about myself at the present moment in time and then I will post a task (s) to work on during the week. At the end of each week I will describe my experiences, how well my task went and if doing the task improved my self esteem. It will be an interesting and exciting journey to take! YEAH! Let's get started! I'll post my first task on Monday! I hope you will all join in and tell me about your experiences too!

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