Monday, April 11, 2011

Star, Idaho and other fun!

 Genius, I'm telling you. Pure genius! I'm going to make wheat-free biscuits tomorrow! YEAH! And possibly pancakes...and maybe pizza. I haven't decided what yet. Anyway, I'm in Star, Idaho visitng my oldest sister and her family for my spring break and it's absolutely wonderful! I feel so happy and safe here; like I can breathe! My sister and her husband are the nicest people on the face of this planet and they go out of their way to make sure I'm doing ok, hence the gluten-free bisquick! I really appreciate that they make food that I'm able to eat. And they fed me salad! YAY! I was really starved for fresh vegetables. Well, fresh anything really. Living on anything that can go on a corn tortilla for nearly two weeks does weird things to you. And I'm super health concious so it was killing me not to have a green, leafy vegetable of some kind with every meal. Anywho, I'm tired and I might read or watch a movie before I go to bed. Aufedersein!

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