Sunday, April 11, 2010

People who are tone deaf should not be allowed to sing......and other musings of a boring sunday...

Yeah, let's just say people who are tone deaf...they get on my nerves. Even if as a person they are super cute and fun and awesome...I just don't like them singing off key at the top of their lungs right in my ear... I kind of just want to tell them to stop, you know? Is that totally awful of me?

Oh and another of my friend's family knows about the missionary... am I that transparent????

Oh and another thing, people need to mind their own business and pull their heads out!!! I was at my friend's wedding reception yesterday (Eric Tinker) and his new wife's family is HORRIBLY nosy and gossipy and self-righteous and all that jazz. I brought my three year old niece with me to the reception so she could play with my other niece (Micky) and Eric's wife's family, while they walked through the line were all like, "Oh my, that girl looks awfully young to have a child that old..." (They said all of this to Eric's mother!) GRRR! I was almost tempted to say, "Yeah she's mine, what of it?"Isn't that awful? At least three different people said that! Is it my fault that my niece looks more like me than her mother?! NO! Sheesh people! Anywho....dinner is almost done...and I'm still trying to devise a way of getting out of Idaho...any ideas? And no, stealing my mother's credit card is NOT an option...yet...

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