Monday, March 7, 2011

Task #4

Do you ever just feel so grateful to be alive in your own body? Are you grateful for the miracle that is you from head to toe? I definitely am this week and it's absolutely glorious. Last week's tasks went really well and I think they made me become more focused. Everytime I started to compare myself to someone (which I confess, I do often) I glanced at the "Adam" written on the inside of my wrist and I remembered to think of his story and the miracle that we are here today.


Acknowledge compliments and constructive criticisms: Be gracious when receiving compliments or criticisms because they make you better person. It creates a sense of value and allows you contribute positively to the life of others.

Be Optimistic: Be optimistic that all life's events would create an experience which becomes very useful in the learning process of life. Adopt a positive attitude to life.

To continue with these thoughts I want to say a little bit more on attitude. The right attitude can do wonders for your day! If you wake up in the morning surly and angry and say you're going to have a rotten day, then you're GOING to have a rotten day. Be optimistic with the circumstances you have, even if they're not the best. For example, this morning I woke up and I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. I've had a horrible cough for almost two weeks now and have had no time to rest to get over it because of school work. And the thought of walking up to the Hinckley that early in the morning when I couldn't get enough air into my lungs made me want to sob. BUT, I woke up and told myself outloud that I was going to have an awesome day. I even said it to my roommates this morning. And you know what? My day was AMAZING. Stressful, yes, but great nonetheless.

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