Monday, March 21, 2011

Task #6

It has been a glorious, but slightly boring weekend! There were definitely some highs (my roommate's birthday party was definitely one and so was my old roomie's bridal shower) but there were some utterly awful, brain liquifying, "I'm-going-to-die-if-I-don't-get-out-of-this-apartment-and-do-something" moments. ha ha Anyway, here are some new tasks to work on!

1. Celebrate Your Progress: Be happy when you make progress/changes in any sphere of your life using it as a stimulus to propel further quests for personal growth and development.

2.Rest: The body requires rest after stressful bouts of hard work. Once rejuvenated, you are able to think
clearly and be composed.
This is important in building a healthy level of self esteem. Now I know most of my readers are college students and you ask "Who the heck has time for a nap?!" And I say to you, MAKE time. For me, sleep or a good hour and a half nap is essential for my body to function properly. (Make sure you sleep the right amount of time. For example, If you sleep for only an hour, you wake your body up right in the middle of the process of deep sleep and you actually end up more tired than you would have been without the nap.)

3. Pay attention to what you eat! This really does help. Look at what you eat on a daily basis. Is it filled with bread, sweets and other carb loaded foods and dangerously low on fresh fruits and vegetables? Maybe this is why we're so tired all the time! Make an effort to start introducing fresh fruit (none of that canned, sugary crap!), fresh and frozen vegetables and lots of water! You'll have more energy, TRUST me on this.

P.S. Watch this youtube video. Absolutely AMAZING.

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