Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shot in the Butt......not at all how I pictured my day ending!

Getting a shot in the butt is number one, really painful, and number two, really embarrassing. I myself NEVER look at my butt, let alone pull my pants down for someone else to see it and stick a needle in it!!! OUCH!

Onto other more pleasant things, my day was BLERGH to say the least. I could scream out a few choice expletives, but if I did, you'd probably think i was raised on a pirate ship and not in suburban England and a po-dunk town called Rigby, Idaho. Hmm, what else can I say? i really have nothing else to tell. BUT I am going to go shopping on saturday! HURRAH! It's just what I need. Now I just have to tell myself a rough estimate of what I can spend...other wise I could end up blowing my whole checking account on dresses, books and shoes. I'm signing off to go enjoy my pain killers. I salute you!

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